nuwave pic2 review. How it can move your cooking ahead!

I was recently reading about the nuwave pic2 and wanted to share my findings with you guys. This product is a big deal in the US but it hasn’t really broken any ground in the UK yet and I’m not sure it will. Induction cooking is a big deal in the states but over here in the UK nobody is that bothered. Most people haven’t even heard of it.

Induction cooking is a great energy saver and it’s a really safe way to cook if you have kids around. It’s something we should all be looking at in this day and age as saving energy and being safe is obviously a big deal for everyone in the world. If you are interested you can read more about it on

Basically no heat is wasted and it all gets transferred directly into the pan so no energy is lost from heat escaping into the air like it does with gas and regular electric stoves. It also shuts off automatically when you take the pan off – it detects the pan via magnetism so you need special pans.

The pic2 is a portable cooktop that has sold millions in the US. Normally we are quick to follow the technological fashions of America but for whatever reason this one has passed us by. Maybe it will have it’s day over here soon.

apache, scruffs and dewalt workwear clothing and trousers

Looking good is important but having the correct gear for work is even more important. Your safety is vital. Investing some money in decent work wear clothing is an essential outlay for any business. Apache and Scruffs workwear trousers are the most popular safety clothes on the market currently.

Both these brands are offering stylish, affordable and most importantly, high quality items. Sites like are offering them at very low prices right now. The building industry is on it’s knees at it’s moment so sales have dropped for many companies leading to low prices on brilliant gear. These clothes should be part of any workman’s wardrobe though, not just the building tradesmen. Any industry can benefit from the safety an comfort these garments offer their wearer.

We expect the trade to pick up drastically in 2017 so now is the time to invest while prices are low.

ral and pantone spray paints

ral spray paints and pantone spray paints are two of the most sought after aerosols in the market today. Industrial kingspan cladding companies looking for spray paint aerosols are turning to the most reliable products, ral and pantone are market leaders.

Spray paints have taken a massive leap forward in the last few years, the technology is now available to the average user but it is much more prevalent with industrial uses. As many buidings and materials come ready sprayed with these colours, replacements for repairs and additions are in high demand.

Many companies have looked to take advantage of this booming industry, some with more success that others. Colour matching is not a simple service despite often being offered for free. It takes expensive equipment and expertly trained staff. Equally the application of the aerosol paint is not for the faint hearted. It must be applied expertly to achieve the desired effect, expertise costs money and companies are always willing to pay for expertise.

RAL have long since established themselves as the color range of choice for councils, public services and private industries for decades now but they are still relatively unknown outside of these industrial applications. Pantone are much more well known, even to the point that they bizarrely have a popular range of mugs. This may be about to change though, as more and more civilains turn to spray paints for quick and clean paint jobs, ral have started to become more of a recognised and trusted brand. Soaring profits and an increase in job opportunities have been some of the symptoms of this boom.

Darlington accountants

Getting the right accountant for your business is essential. You need someone you can trust to guide you down this path. There are many tax laws and exemptions that you won’t even be aware of. A good darlington accountant can ensure you are completely covered financially and legally.

Managing your tax return and investments can be time consuming, this is time you could be spending on your business, getting new customers or completing work. The best part is a chartered accountant doesn’t cost that much. It can be in the range of £100 for a tax return depending of course on the size of your business.

Financial and tax advice is generally expensive but often it comes as part of the territory here. this invaluable information might mean you get to keep more of your hard earned money instead of giving too much to the tax man.

So my advice would be to invest in a professional as soon as you start your business and if you havent already head over to to find one in your area of the North East.

Self employed Oddsmonkey Review

Being self employed is not easy. You can never be sure how much money you are going to make every month. When you have a good month you have to be prudent and save some money as next month could be a disaster and end up not being enough to pay the mortgage.

This is my current situation. Because of this I decided to supplement my income with matched betting. Matched betting is a great way to earn some extra tax free cash.

Oddsmonkey Review

It’s brilliant what can I say. It teaches you everything you need to know and more. By the time you have been a member for a week you will be confident to go out and make around £1000 a month.

If you are interested you can sign up for a free trial here

Roof shop front onsite cladding and spraying

Investing in the appearance of your business is crucial to maintaining a outwardly pleasing and approachable look. Customers arriving to a dilapidated premises are likely to be instantly put off or put into a negative frame of mind no matter how good your product or service is. Buildings are expensive to buy or rent and often repairs and maintenance to the outside of the building are neglected or forgotten. It can be hard to justify in your mind investing money into something that you do not own. Repairing and remodeling a rented property can feel like money down the drain but it is essential to creating the image of a professional and trustworthy outfit.

Roof respraying and repairs are the best place to start, a leaky or damaged roof will impact the running of your business immediately. Panels become corroded and paint flakes off exposing the raw metal leading to rust and eventually holes in the materials.

The roof is essential, you cannot have water leaking into your building, it will cause further damage and perhaps end up being very costly. It could even impact electricals leading to the loss of work days.

After that focusing on the outward appearance of your shop or building front should be a priority. Shop front spraying can dramatically change the appearance of your business. It immediately gives the impression of a professional and serious outfit. Will people even want to enter your shop if it looks a mess. Recently companies like Hollister have started redefining the shop front, creating a unique appearance that doesn’t even feature their brand name. People want to go inside just to see what it is about.

Spraying and cladding companies are exploding in the UK. Businesses are appearing all over the country, even prospering in the smallest towns and cities. The demand of cladding repairs and respraying has never been higher. Companies are following the Hollister model and wanting to create unique and inviting premises for their businesses. Prices for these services are on the rise too. The demand is so high the prices are being launched higher and higher, this along with the soaring demand has caused spraying and cladding companies to be one of the highest growing industries in the UK. Companies like are benefiting from this upward turn and are reporting dramatic increases in their revenues and work load.

This of course has lead to the creation of many jobs in the sector. With industrial flooring repairs, clean room panel repairs, cladding, curtain walling repair and onsite spraying experts and technicians in extremely high demand.

Of course work like this can be carried out yourself by investing in spray paint aerosols but it is recommended you hire a professional company to get the best results possible and a result that will last.