nuwave pic2 review. How it can move your cooking ahead!

I was recently reading about the nuwave pic2 and wanted to share my findings with you guys. This product is a big deal in the US but it hasn’t really broken any ground in the UK yet and I’m not sure it will. Induction cooking is a big deal in the states but over here in the UK nobody is that bothered. Most people haven’t even heard of it.

Induction cooking is a great energy saver and it’s a really safe way to cook if you have kids around. It’s something we should all be looking at in this day and age as saving energy and being safe is obviously a big deal for everyone in the world. If you are interested you can read more about it on

Basically no heat is wasted and it all gets transferred directly into the pan so no energy is lost from heat escaping into the air like it does with gas and regular electric stoves. It also shuts off automatically when you take the pan off – it detects the pan via magnetism so you need special pans.

The pic2 is a portable cooktop that has sold millions in the US. Normally we are quick to follow the technological fashions of America but for whatever reason this one has passed us by. Maybe it will have it’s day over here soon.