ral and pantone spray paints

ral spray paints and pantone spray paints are two of the most sought after aerosols in the market today. Industrial kingspan cladding companies looking for spray paint aerosols are turning to the most reliable products, ral and pantone are market leaders.

Spray paints have taken a massive leap forward in the last few years, the technology is now available to the average user but it is much more prevalent with industrial uses. As many buidings and materials come ready sprayed with these colours, replacements for repairs and additions are in high demand.

Many companies have looked to take advantage of this booming industry, some with more success that others. Colour matching is not a simple service despite often being offered for free. It takes expensive equipment and expertly trained staff. Equally the application of the aerosol paint is not for the faint hearted. It must be applied expertly to achieve the desired effect, expertise costs money and companies are always willing to pay for expertise.

RAL have long since established themselves as the color range of choice for councils, public services and private industries for decades now but they are still relatively unknown outside of these industrial applications. Pantone are much more well known, even to the point that they bizarrely have a popular range of mugs. This may be about to change though, as more and more civilains turn to spray paints for quick and clean paint jobs, ral have started to become more of a recognised and trusted brand. Soaring profits and an increase in job opportunities haveĀ been some of the symptoms of this boom.